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Taking Your Work to the Next Level in the Media

Level Up!

If you’d love to get media exposure for your business you’ll DEFINITELY want to check this out.

I recently jammed with Gwen Elliot on her podcast, Your Big Break, where we talked all about my journey from obscurity to big time media exposure at places like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fortune, Huffington Post, and more. All of it happened in less than a year and I gave her (and now you!) the inside scoop. Because wouldn’t it be awesome if you could take you biz to the next level in the media? You’re damn right it would. Check out our juicy conversation about getting media exposure here.

Gwen is a fantastic success story and one of my favourite people. She’s also a former client of mine and I’m psyched about all the stuff she’s cookin’ up. Her podcast was just named “New and Noteworthy” on iTunes, and she was just featured at Cosmo. Not too shabby for a gal who is ALSO running her own business. She’s a badass media strategist for entrepreneurs and you can check out her work here.

And, hey, if you haven’t actually gotten around to building that dream business of yours (like, you keep putting it off because you’re scared shitless and you feel like you have no idea what you’re doing), you and I should chat.