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This is one-on-one coaching for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start their own business but have no idea what the heck they’re doing.

Is that you? (Don’t worry, I won’t tell.)
Also, hey, it’s okay. You gotta start somewhere. And here you are.


  • You want to start your own business but, frankly, it scares the shit out of you. You’re excited, but also overwhelmed.
  • You have a bazillion ideas and you need to focus. Big time.
  • The thought of creating a business plan makes you want to barf. (It doesn’t have to be torture. I’ll help.)
  • You feel like a total impostor when you hang out with other entrepreneurs. You don’t speak the language and it feels like you’re 10 steps behind.
  • You’ve seen some entrepreneurs fly by the seat of their pants and you don’t want to end up like one of those suckers.
  • You know you can develop and grow a business if you can just get the bloody thing started.



Feel-Good Entrepreneur: Build a Business You’ll Love is a coaching program to help you lay the groundwork for your own business.
Because you have a kickass idea and now you need a plan.
Because you’re ready to stop stalling and start doing, already.
And because it’s about damn time you gave this dream of yours wings.




This is for you if…

You’re a service-based guy or gal. In other words, you’re a coach, consultant, designer, planner, healer, or (insert your shtick here) and you want to get PAID for it.

You want to set the foundation for your business before you pour a bunch of cash into design, branding, legal, etc.

You want to get clear on your priorities…because trying to do everything at once is exhausting and it’s a crappy way to do business.

Your entrepreneurial fears (What if I fail? What if I don’t make enough money?) have paralyzed you for long enough. You’re ready to move through the fear and take action.

You want to feel like yourself in your business and leverage who you really are to attract the right clients and make money (hint: authenticity is PURE GOLD for business).

You want someone to hold you accountable so that you actually Get. Shit. Done.

This is not for…
  • People who want a magic formula for getting rich quick (good luck with that).
  • Tech startups (you need an accelerator with funding).
  • People who aren’t willing to get into the emotional side of building a business (because, honey, you have to go there).





You’re going to get clear. Crystal clear. Because action without clarity is just spinning your wheels.

A business plan is your friend. It will save your ass from making major mistakes, and you’ll be glad to have one even if you never have to take it to the bank.

You’ll set priorities and take action as you set up shop – baby steps at first and then big bold ones.

You’ll really understand who your people are (and who your people aren’t). This is so important, and a lot of people get it wrong.

You can be yourself in your business. Authenticity not only feels good, it will make you money.

Your entrepreneurial fears are not going to go away (sorry, but I might as well tell you this upfront), but you can move through them and finally create what you’ve always wanted.





You’ll get clear on what you want for your business and how to move forward.
You’ll finally have a plan of action, including what to do first and what to do later.
You’ll move through the fear and overwhelm and start taking action.
You won’t feel like you’re winging it. You’ll have a road map.
You’ll find the confidence to move forward. You’ll feel focused, assured, and ready.
Instead of just thinking about it you’ll actually be doing it. Finally!





You and me. One-on-one. Hashing out your biz for two months.

We’ll meet for an hour every other week to get this business of yours off the ground. That’s 5 coaching sessions to explore your options, get clear on your priorities, create a plan, and take action so you can lay a solid foundation for your business.

We’ll meet over a cuppa joe in my office in downtown Toronto (Yonge & Queen). Just you, me, your fav caffeinated bevy and a whole lotta magic.

You’ll have homework (the fun kind) between each session to help you learn and grow even when we’re not face-to-face. After two months of working together you’ll be blown away by how much you’ve learned and how far you’ve come.





I’m Sarah Vermunt, the gal behind Careergasm. I believe that everyone (and that means you) can pursue mind-blowing work that thrills and delights. I help people create feel-good work, and for many that means ditching your soul-sucking job and starting your own business. I write about careers and entrepreneurship for ForbesEntrepreneur, Inc., and Huffington Post, and my work has been featured at Financial TimesFortuneTech VibesToronto StarFlareGlobal News, The Globe and Mailand lots of other cool places.  I also personally know a thing or two about what it’s like to take the big leap and start a business:

I left a six-figure career track to take a risk on building my own business. Spoiler alert: It paid off.

I used to teach at the School of Business and Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University and I took that knowledge with me. Fundamentals matter.

I built an unconventional company that embraces F-bombs, unvarnished truth, and brazen authenticity (and it feels sooooo good).

I continue to take calculated risks to grow as an entrepreneur…because doing the scary stuff is a part of the gig.

I take what I’ve learned to help other people bust through the fear and overwhelm and build feel-good businesses of their own.

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I work mostly with solopreneurs with service-based businesses. Some of my favourite clients are:
  • A designer who started a web design company so she could work anywhere in the world.
  • A former executive who does strategy consulting for musicians.
  • A woman who started a yummy gourmet cookie business.
  • A burned out event planner who created her own boutique firm.
  • A media coach who helps people get press for their business.
  • A corporate lawyer turned brewmaster who started his own craft beer brewery. Badass, right?!


Feel-Good Entrepreneur: Build a Business You’ll Love will help you create a plan of action so that you can take that blood-pumping leap of faith and create the business you’ve always wanted.



Ready to take the big leap? Let’s chat. Because you’ve been sitting on this idea for long enough and it’s about damn time you did something about it.


My one-on-one coaching client load is currently full. Ugh! I know. But a few spots should open up in January. If you think you might be interested, drop me a line and tell me about yourself. I’d love to hear from you and I can keep you posted when a spot opens up.
xo Sarah