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Careergasm Programs

Careergasm: A Course for Discovering Your Calling

Careergasm: A Course for Discovering Your Calling

This is an online course for people who feel stuck in their career – because they don’t know what they want or because they’re scared shitless to go after it.





Career Shift: Get Your Career Mojo Back

This is one-on-one coaching to help you figure out what the heck you want and how to find the guts to go after it.






Feel-Good Entrepreneur: Build A Business You’ll Love

This is one-on-one coaching for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start their own business but have no idea what the heck they’re doing.





OMG Now What?! Career Coaching For New Grads

This is one-on-one career coaching for new grads and young professionals who feel lost and have no freaking clue what to do next.